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Regional News

Alaska Region (AR)

The Alaskan region presented a Special Alaska Region Marine Award to the LNG Tanker Polar Eagle for the second highest total of yearly BBXX observations in Alaskan history. The Polar Eagle submitted 1156 observations in 2002 during their 18 round trip transits between Alaska and Japan.

Crowley Tug Point Brower has set an all time Alaska monthly record for BBXX observations with 234 in July of 2003 Chief Mate Neil Sandvik and 2nd Mate Jake Rosenberg also set a two month observation record of 404 BBXX observations for July and August. These observations were collected during a two month voyage from Seattle, Washington to the Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea, Chukchi Sea, Arctic Ocean, Beaufort Sea, and then back to Seattle. The Point Brower observations from these data sparse locations via e-mail and HF radio were very helpful to ensure accurate Alaska weather forecasting.

Polar Eagle Officers

2002 Special Alaska Marine Award presented to the LNG Tanker Polar Eagle with the second highest total of yearly BBXX in Alaskan history with 1,156. The Polar Eagle makes 18 round trips per year between Alaska and Japan.

Polar Eagle Officers

Polar Eagle Officers: (left to right): 2nd Officer Lorenzano Ciro, 1st Officer Colelli Luig, Captain Sessa Luigi, 2nd Officer Caccaho Francesco, 2nd Officer Seichili Antonio

Sandvik and Rosenburg

Chief Mate Neil Sandvik and 2nd Mate Jake Rosenburg of the Crowley Tug Point Brower posted an all-time Alaskan monthly record of 234 BBXX in July of 2003. The total for July and August was also a new two month record.

Eastern Region (ER)

NEW PMO in CHARLESTON, SC. Upon the retirement of the Great Lakes Port Meteorological Officer (PMO) in Cleveland, OH, it was determined that is was possible to satisfy the needs of the Great Lakes maritime community in the area with only one PMO. The Great Lakes fleet is now being outstandingly supported by Ms. Amy Seeley, the PMO in Chicago.

This PMO position would be of more benefit to the NWS, its mission, and the public in the Charleston, SC area. An advantage to having a PMO in this area is the fact that CHS and other ports in the area (Savannah, GA; Georgetown, SC; and Wilmington, NC) are increasing their commercial traffic. A PMO stationed at Charleston could easily accommodate their needs as the travel distances between ports are not great.

Over the years Charsleston more of a military port area than dedicated to commercial shipping, since the mid 1990's things in and around Charleston have changed drastically. After closure of most of the military naval bases in the Charleston area, local commercial enterprises took over most of these facilities and started developing them to enhance commerce and trade.

Today the Charleston area is one of the busiest container and cargo area in the Eastern US, with four facilities operating and two more planned (Union Pier Terminal, Columbus Street Terminal, North Charleston Terminal, and Wando Welch Terminal, with Daniel Island and the Old Navy Yard planned).

The PMO at Charleston will be located at the Coastal Services Center, in the Old Navy Yard. This will place the PMO within 10 minutes of most of the facilities operating at this time.

On September 5th, Mr. Tim Kenefick was selected as the new PMO for the Charleston area. Mr. Kenefick has had much experience in the field as he has served as the Newark/New York PMO for the last eight years.

Mr. Kenefick reported for duty in Charleston on October 22nd. A vacancy announcement has already been announced to bring a new PMO into the Newark/New York area. The candidate list was narrowed down to several high qualified individuals. After several interviews and brutal soul searching by the Eastern Region, Mr. Jim Luciani has been selected as the newest PMO to the VOS program. Mr. Luciani is a retired U.S. Navy Meteorologist and opened the Newark office back up on December 15th, 2003.

Editorís Note: You can read more about Jim Luciani in the upcoming April issue of the MWL. - Luke

United Kingdom:

Nautical Officer, Sarah North has advised us that the Headquarters Met Office relocated to Exeter, UK as follows:

Met Office
Fitzroy Road
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 870 900 0100
Fax: +44 (0) 870 900 5050

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