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VOS Program Awards

The Sealand Integrity, one of 2002's top performers. Her crew took over 2000 Marine Observations last year at three hour intervals. This is her fourth consecutive award. From left to right, NWS PMO Chris Fakes, Captain Wess Winters, Chief Mate Bruce Myrdek, and 3rd Mate Andy Swan (2nd Mate Ross Schramm not shown). The 
Sealand Integrity
Lykes Discoverer Lykes Discoverer received a 2002 Outstanding Performance Award for the third consecutive year, posting over 900 Marine Observations. (left to right) 2nd Mate Scott McGrough, and Captain William L. Miles. Not pictured but due recognition are Captain Scott Putty and Chief Mate Robert P. Strobel.
CSX Horizon Anchorage 2nd Mate Bill Fransen and Anchorage PMO Larry Hubble.

This vessel had the 3rd highest total of BBXX observations, 977, in Alaskan waters for 2002.
CSX Horizon Anchorage
Navigator Captain Kevin Mercer of the Crowley Tug Navigator at Port of Anchorage. The Navigator placed 5th in the Alaska BBXX Ranking, an increase of 510% over their 2001 BBXX count.
CSX Horizon Kodiak, 3rd Mate Butch Yarborough. The Kodiak had their best year ever for BBXX with 789 observations. CSX 
Horizon Kodiak
Sealand Commitment Sealand Commitment provided over 800 observations in 2002, helping this vessel become one of the most consistent and accurate over the past five years. From left to right: 2nd Mate Geoff Bird, Captain Frenzen, Carl Frenzen (holding award), Chief Mate Gerry Parlon, and 3rd Mate Chris Murray.
2nd Mate David Haa of the CSX Tacoma at the Port of Anchorage. The Tacoma recorded 689 BBXX transmissions in 2002, an all time high for this vessel. CSX Tacoma
Seabulk Montana Captain Charles Parish (left) and Anchorage PMO Larry Hubble. The Seabulk Montana (pictured below) had her best BBXX of all time, increasing observations by 10% over 2001 with a total of 636, and are working to best even that for 2003.
The Seabulk Montana The Seabulk Montana
NOAA Ship Albatross IV NOAA Ship Albatross IV: (left to right) LCDR Philip Gruccio, XO and LTJG John Crofts, Navigator.
M/V APL Japan Officers onboard 3rd June 2003: (left to right) Chief Officer Kumar, 2nd Officer Mogan, Captain S.K. Menon, and 3rd Officer Aathony. M.V. APL Japan
Atlantic CartierAtlantic Cartier: (left to right) 2nd Officer Richel Nufable, Captain Michael Lundquist, 2nd Officer Richard Dollete, and 2nd Officer Fred Robante.
Courtney L: (left to right) 3rd Officer C. Townsell, Captain A.J. Wilson, and 2nd Officer P. Alejandro (photo by Jim Saunders, PMO Baltimore). Courtney L
M/V Edgar B. Speer M/V Edgar B. Speer: (left to right) Captain Larry Stolz, 2nd Mate Richard Robertson, 3rd Mate James Bittner, 1st Mate Bruce Doyle.
M/V Endeavor: Chief Mate Kevin Quinn M/V 
R/V Maurice Ewing R/V Maurice Ewing: (left to right) Captain Mark Landow, PMO Tim Kenefick, and Port Engineer Al Walsh at the Lamont-Doherty Observatory. (Photo by Mercy Garland)
Fidelio: Captain Langford (right) being presented a 2002 VOS Award by Baltimore PMO James Saunders Fidelio
NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter
NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter (pictured above): (left to right) PMO John Warrelman, Lt. Joe Pica, Commander Jon Rix, Ensign Pat Didier, 3rd Mate Miri Skoriak, and Ensign Lindsay Kurelja NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter
Westwood Breeze The Westwood Breeze was awarded a 2002 VOS Award for their outstanding support in taking weather observations enroute from the West Coast to the Far East. Picture left to right are: 3rd Mate Rodelo Lumanglas, 2nd Mate Jaena Felipe, and Captain Robert Montenegro.
CSX Horizon Producer: Wally Becker, Horizon Lines Marine Operations, and Captain Don Cocozza, Master. Captain Bill Boyce was unavailable at the time the VOS Award presented.CSX Horizon Producer
NOAA Ship Delaware IINOAA Ship Delaware II (left to right) Ensign Bryan Waggonseller and Master Stephen Wagner.
Master Bruce C. McMullen of the Liberty StarLiberty Star
Saudi HofufCaptain David Gammons and 2nd Mate Marlon Ruelan of the Saudi Hofuf.
Lykes Explorer: (left to right) Chief Mate Joe "Cool" Single, Captain Bob Febos, and Chief Mate Beth O'Brien. Lykes Explorer
NOAA Ship Oregon IINOAA Ship Oregon II.
NOAA Ship Oregon II (shown above): with PMO John Warrelmann, Lt. Keith W. Roberts, 3rd Mate David M. Nelson, and Commander Todd C. Stiles. NOAA Ship Oregon II
President TrumanPresident Truman: (left to right) Cadet Adam Richardson, Captain Steve Wilson, Captain James Harney, 2nd Mate Mark Schidermayer, and 3rd Mate Eric Erving.
Aboard the Tellus are PMO Baltimore James Saunders, presenting a 2002 VOS Award to 2nd Officer Riccardo Giannone, and Captain Ken BagleyTellus
Overseas New OrleansCaptain Thomas Thoens (second from left) with Corpus Christi PMO Larry Maifeld and mates (far left) Oliver Sherwin and (far right) Kris Werner of the Overseas New Orleans receiving their 2002 VOS Award.
President Adams: (left to right) 2nd Mate Carl Rice, Master Dennis Carney, and Radio Officer Michel Frank. President Adams
Sinuk Captain Bernie Meier of Crowley Tug Sinuk in July 2002 with 440 BBXX for 2002, and already having doubled that for this year.
Strong Patriot Captain Lou Moglia, Chief Mate Dan Lopez, 2nd Mate Keith Stribley, and 3rd Mate Jim Cochran. Strong Patriot
Sealand MotivatorChief Mate John Muir and Captain Kevin O'Halloran of the Sealand Motivator.
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