VOS Program Awards

The EXMAR Shipmanagement LNG vessel EXCALIBUR has been awarded the annual VOS Award for 2009. This is the shipís fi rst award. In 2009 Excalibur provided over 600 timely and high quality observations, many of which were extremely valuable during the Tropical Storm season. NOAA wishes to thank EXMAR, Excalibur and the crew for their superior performance in 2009. Pictured left to right: App. Off. Stijn De Herdt, 2nd. Off. Francois De Jonckheere, Ch. Off. Juraj Jovic, Master Yves Weemaels, 2nd Off. Dujo Jukic, 2nd Off. Loic Sinquin, 3rd Off. Meghane Bleu, and of course King Arthurís Sword.