VOS Program Awards

Philadelphia Express
The Philadelphia Express has been awarded the 2009 VOS award for outstanding contribution to the Marine Observing program. She provided over 1300 quality and timely observations in 2009. This is 4th consecutive yearly VOS award the crew of the Philadelphia Express has won. Great job!!! Pictured left to right: 2/M Mark Meyer, C/M Chuck Rau, 3/M Jeremy Cunningham & Capt. Scott Putty. Also participating throughout the 2009 year were Capt. Dave Sulin, C/M Chris Hendrickson, 2/M Brendan Smith, 2/M Charles Orr, 2/M Barrett Newman, 3/M Ryan Wood, 3/M Chris Moore, 3/M Chris Duda & Deck Cadets Kevin McDermott, Matt Francis, Michael Dybvnik.

Philly Express