VOS Program Awards

The Crew of the Arctic Sun/Arctic Spirit was presented with their 7th consecutive VOS Award in Nikiski Alaska on June 25, 2008. They took 5,287 high quality marine observations in 2007 which was a new ship's record, and is believed to be the most of any ship in the world which took manual observations in 2007. (2 ship names appear on the award due to a change in ownership with a resulting ship name change during 2007)
From left to right are: Master P. Mattera, 2nd Mate C. Felici, 2nd Mate G. Faldetta, and 2nd Mate L. Galano
Other team members not pictured are: Master M. Mauro, Chief Officer, C. Lorenzano, Chief Officer G. Masiello, 2nd Mate F. Di Cristo, 2nd Mate L. Staiano, and 2nd Mate L. Lucignano

Arctic Sun/Arctic Spirit