From the PMO Desk: 40 years of Federal Service

Sergio Marsh, NWS Eastern Region Observing Programs Manager

Throughout his career, Mr. Saunders’ has earned the respect of co-workers and managers and has received numerous cash awards.

Mr. Saunders career began with a four-year tour in the U.S. Air Force in 1966, doing his initial training in Texas and Illinois. Permanent military assignments were in the Florida Pan Handle, the Republic of the Philippines, and Wisconsin.

His civilian service started in 1970 with what was then the U.S. Weather Bureau, predecessor to the National Weather Service. His first assignment was at the Weather Bureau Office in Wilmington Delaware with a transfer to the Forecast Office in Philadelphia a few months later. After a couple of years as a Communications Specialist at Philadelphia, Mr. Saunders transferred across state to Pittsburgh as a Weather Service Specialist. In 1975, he went back to Wilmington Delaware as a Weather Service Specialist, where he remained until 1991 when he transferred to his current position as Port Meteorological Officer (PMO) in Baltimore. As the Baltimore PMO, his area of responsibility extends from Baltimore to Wilmington and Philadelphia.

Jim Saunders, PM Baltimore

From left to right: Jim Saunders, PMO Baltimore, is presented with a Department of Commerce certificate award for 40 years of federal service by Sergio Marsh, NWS Eastern Region Observing Programs Manager.